Colonial Collection

European Wide Plank Flooring

The Colonial Collection is made using a 3mm solid, sawn wear layer of European White Oak. In addition, it has a 3mm solid sawn back layer making it even more stable. It can be installed on any living level and it can be nailed, glued or floated…even over radiant heat. The Colonial Collection is made with a smooth face that is lightly brushed. Each individual board has a unique appearance with rich dark brown color variations going towards darker shades. The Colonial Collection is finished with a UV-lacquer for high resistance. The finish is extremely durable against wear and with low gloss giving it the looks of an Oil finish, but the advantages of traditional UV-lacquer.

Dimensions: 5/8’’ x 10’’ x 7.2’ [15mm x 250mm x 2200mm]
Specifications: Smooth Face Lightly Brushed, T&G and End-Matched with Microbevel
Packaging: 5 rows per box; 3 rows full length, 1 rows 2 pieces, 1 row 3 pieces
Finish Warranty: The Colonial Collection carries a 25 (twenty-five) year finish warranty.

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