European Wide Plank Flooring

The Joinery Company is proud to introduce the following 5 artistic collections from TEKA, one of the world`s most talented manufacturers of hardwood flooring. TEKA is located on the island of Java, in Indonesia. It has been in production for 18 years and currently produces over 65 million square feet of flooring annually. Teka has had a presence in the United States and Canadian markets for over 15 years and has an excellent reputation that has been built on quality and performance. With generations of experience, artistry, and the flexibility to create products that are unique, Teka uses only state of the art production methods. Their product lines are based on European White Oak, one of the finest flooring species in the world. Uniquely, TEKA artisans have the ability to craft it with mechanical and chemical processes unlike any other manufacturer in the world. The Joinery Company is indeed proud to have had a working relationship with TEKA that spans several decades.

TEKA Production Facility

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