Our Installation Process

For The Joinery Company`s solid wide plank floors, the traditional nail down installation method is recommended. Our engineered wide plank floors can indeed be nailed down, glued down or floated. But, for most of our engineered floors, especially those between 6’’ and 10’’ wide, we recommend the floating method. We have several reasons for this preference: 1.) It`s simple, easy and even works over radiant heat, 2.) Our floors are super stable, so there`s really no reason to glue or nail them down, and 3.) It`s less expensive to float our engineered floors. So, to us, the floating method just makes good sense.


The most beautiful floors often require more planning than might be necessary with ordinary woods.  Therefore, for all of our floors, both engineered and solid, we recommend actually laying out the boards on the floor prior to installation in order to determine the best placement.  This allows your installer to match and contrast the grain patterns, color and character of each individual board and gives the finished installation a more harmonious look and feel. Also, some shorter boards will be included in each shipment. Using these boards to begin or end a row achieves the Classic Random Length Pattern that greatly enhances the beauty of the finished installation. Using our method of laying materials out in advance will result in a level of beauty and satisfaction with your installation that, frankly, you just can`t get any other way.


When computing the square footage of flooring needed for your project, we recommend that you order an additional 10% to cover cutting and fitting loss.  Our 35 years of experience has taught us that if you use a 10% allowance, you will likely have a few boards on hand in the event some future damage to the floor occurs that is unforeseen.


Please find below our simple step by step instructions for proper installation of our engineered floors by the recommended floating method. Please Click Here to download this Installation Guide.



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