Surface Textures

Hand Crafted Wide Plank Flooring

Every Joinery Company wide plank floor is crafted by hand, one plank at a time, so as to deliver the exact characteristics and look that the customer requires. Our master craftsmen are able to create a variety of distinct surface treatments. Each of these treatments will offer its own special character to the floor. Depending on the type of floor chosen, surfaces can be smooth sanded, brushed, hand planed, or skip planed.


Smooth Sanding:

A smooth sanded surface is the most typical type of surface treatment and is accomplished by sanding the top of each plank very smooth, flat, and even.



A brushed surface is created with a special wire brush which removes the softer wood in a plank (the early wood) leaving the harder wood (the late wood) to receive the major impact of wear.


Hand Planing:

A hand-planed surface is created by using a wooden hand plane or similar tool to refine the surface of a plank by hand to produce an undulated, smooth surface.


Skip Planing:

A skip-planed surface is created by lightly planing the surface of a plank that was originally either band-sawn or circular-sawn and left rough. Skip planning leaves some areas of the plank smooth and others rough. The look of the skip-planed material will vary substantially from piece to piece.