Antique Barn Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Our Antique Barn Wood averages from about 80 to 200 years old. It has thus been aged by wind, rain and sun for many decades. When unfinished, its colors range from various shades of Gray and Brown to Faded Red. The gray shades may have a little brown mixed in, and likewise, the brown many have a touch of gray here and there. This is the nature of the aging process. The shades of red will also vary from barn to barn due to the many different brands of paint used on different barns. And, each barn will weather differently, depending on the elements and its location. In our unfinished, solid Barn Wood products you should also expect occasional knots, nail holes and stains. When Barn Wood is skip-planed or made into a milled, finished product, the surface appearance changes altogether. Due to years of aging, the patina just below the surface is outstanding. Many different, beautifully aged, honey to burnt orange shades can be created by carefully controlling the amount of material removed from the aged surface. Then, when an appropriate finish is applied, the gorgeous aged patina really comes alive. Ultimately, regardless of which type of product or application you decide to use for your design, each and every plank will have its own unique history and story to tell.