Heart Pine Flooring is  manufactured from mature growth pines. This material is a very close cousin to Longleaf Pine. And, we have it precisely sawn into wide widths and long lengths just as it was in the old days. Thus, this material is available in longer lengths and wider widths than reclaimed materials. Also, this wood is  the perfect compliment to reclaimed heart pine. One can hardly tell the two apart. It deepens to a burnt orange color over time and is virtually indistinguishable from Reclaimed Heart Pine.

In the Old South, 3” to 6” Quartersawn, Heart Pine planks were used for flooring, millwork and cabinetry in virtually every home. In the minds of the colonists, the strength and beauty of Heart Pine made it their “wood of choice”. Almost all flooring and millwork was made from quartersawn stock because this type cut was most easily workable, even wearing, and had the greatest longevity.

Our Heart Pine Flooring  is available in 3 grades (shown below). 

Perfection Quartersawn
4" & 5", 85% Heartwood

Clear Plainsawn
4" & 5", 85% Heartwood

Character Plainsawn
4", 6" & 7", 50% Heartwood

Purchasing the Raw Material

New Heart Pine is rare and hard to find. We maintain a constant inventory of several hundred thousand feet for that reason. In this way, we can fill any size order immediately. It is one of our most sought after sources of material.

Sawing the Logs into Planks

Storage of Kiln Dried Products