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We are now taking orders for products in this category. Delivery times are 6 to 12 months, or more, depending on order volumes. If you have an interest in anything in this category, please plan ahead and call us.

Reclaimed Chinese Elm

Our Reclaimed Chinese Elm comes from structures that are 200 to 600 or more years old. The source of this material is old rural structures in China that are being taken down in its huge ongoing plan for modernization. The front doors of these old buildings in China are almost always made from simple vertical planks of Elm. These old planks retain their superior hardness and toughness and are a precious resource for our handmade products. Chinese Elm is the hardest of all Elms and renowned for its many wonderful properties. It is also one of the most handsome of all reclaimed species in the world. Our use of these beautiful materials is predominantly engineered wide plank flooring and furniture. The following video shows the first of two full plank by plank inspections of a large Reclaimed Chinese Elm flooring order for one of our customers in The Bahamas. 

Custom Handmade Furniture

We have been providing customers with the highest standard of custom handmade furniture, kitchen cabinetry, doors for many years.  At Plankmaker, we are passionate about making beautiful handcrafted items for our clients… pieces to be used and enjoyed, becoming cherished family heirlooms that are passed down for generations. We offer the items shown in many different species and combinations of species. Each piece features finely fitted dovetails, mortice and tenon joints, and exquisite rare, hard to find woods. These beautifully crafted pieces will be a joy forever! They are offered in both new and reclaimed materials. Delivery is from 6 to 12 months…or as quoted at the time of ordering.

12" Wide Plank Flooring

These beautiful wide plank floors are all 3/4″ thick x 12″ wide x 12′ long in clear plainsawn grade. We make such floors up to 28″ wide in our Monster Planking.  These unusual floors are perfectly constructed with balancing top and bottom wear layers of 5mm. Such planks are extremely rare.


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