Why Engineered?

Engineered Floors

Engineered floors are a much better alternative than solid wood floors. They have all the assets of solid wood floors with none of their liabilities. Our engineered floors can be installed anywhere and everywhere with ease…above grade…on grade…below grade…in basements…in attics…at the ocean…in the mountains…and so on. That is an unusual quality for any floor! Our engineered floors are composed of multiple layers of material that is cross bonded under high pressure. And, only glues having zero formaldehyde emission are used. Varying numbers of layers are used for different wood species according to what is required to produce the optimum stability for that respective specie. Consider these points:

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS HAVE A SAWN, ONE PIECE FACE. This sawn, one piece face layer gives our engineered floors the same look as a solid plank floor. Absolutely no one can tell the difference in the two floors once they are installed. For capturing the true beauty of the wood, solid sawn faces are vastly superior to others and are thus the only type of faces that we use.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS HAVE A SUPER STABLE CROSS BONDED CONSTRUCTION. This greatly increases dimensional stability because it virtually eliminates all of the expansion and contraction problems normally associated with high and low humidity levels.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME. A thick, resandable face of real wood make them ready for a lifetime of service. The ability to resand your floor may become necessary or desirable over time. Because of the placement of the tongue and groove, and the nature of our cross bonded core, our engineered floors can always be sanded more times that a solid wood floor of the same thickness.

OUR ENGINEERED PLANKS HAVE A FURNITURE QUALITY FINISH…a beautiful, natural penetrating oil finish that penetrates its wear layer and creates a very hard, furniture quality finish which simply cannot be equaled with an on-site installation.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE THE MOST VERSATILE FLOORS YOU CAN BUY. They are the perfect answer for radiant heat and concrete installations. They are a versatile, easily installed product that goes anywhere and everywhere with no sanding, no finishing, and no mess. You can nail them down, glue them down or float them in.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL RECLAIMED AND OTHER SPECIALTY WOODS. They are available from The Joinery Company in legendary Antique Heart Pine, Antique White Oak, Antique Chestnut and many other unique species. We offer up to six distinctive grades in most species.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE AVAILABLE WITH OUR UNIQUE AGING PROCESS. We offer several engineered floors with face layers which have been aged so as to mirror the medium to dark brown patina of a 300 year old floor. This special aged patina is created by a unique process that penetrates the face layer 100%. Therefore, no matter how many times the floor is sanded, the color of its face layer is always the same.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE ECOLOGICALLY SOUND AND ENVIRONMENTALLY CORRECT. They are manufactured using only environmentally friendly glues and finishes. And, they are only produced from materials whose source adheres to ecologically sound harvesting procedures and FSC requirements.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE CLASSIC RANDOM LENGTH PATTERN. Planks are predominantly long. But, to maximize the beauty of the finished installation, a few shorter boards need to be included with each carton. When these are used to begin or end a row, head joints are offset and any artificial or mechanical look is eliminated. This is the classic Random Length Pattern which greatly increases the beauty of the floor.

OUR ENGINEERED PRODUCTS ARE PACKAGED FOR EASY HANDLING. Each order arrives at your job site in neat, secure, sealed cartons containing only a few boards each. This allows us to better protect the entire shipment against damage in transit and makes it easier for you or your contractor to handle, unload and count all materials.

OUR ENGINEERED FLOORS OFFER EASY CARE AND MAINTENANCE. Old world beauty and craftsmanship is still alive and well. It is still available …together with all the modern benefits of a technologically advanced, easy to care for, easy to maintain floor.

AND, LAST BUT NOT LEAST…..OUR ENGINEERED RECLAIMED FLOORS CARRY A LIFETIME GUARANTEE. “We will replace any of our flooring products that fail as a result of a manufacturing defect or a defect in workmanship for as long as your own your home. And, we will craft a replacement floor and ship it to you…free of charge”.