The Joinery Co.


Our matching wood slabs are produced from large logs in New England White Pine, Old Growth Larch, Old Growth Douglas Fir, American White Oak, American Cherry, American Walnut and others. They are available in custom thicknesses. Each consecutive plank in every log set is identified and kept in sequence so as to insure that color and grain matching are preserved. With these materials we can match any wood product. Kitchen cabinets can be made from a single log set. Countertops can be made from a single plank. Furniture can be made from impressive wide, color matched boards. The harvest table in your kitchen can even have a one or two plank top. If you are a perfectionist, we can create color matched engineered wide plank floors for your whole house from a single log! Log sets are one of our signature products. Marvelous interiors can be created using this unique resource.

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