Reclaimed Heart Pine is available as a raw material in the form of reclaimed timbers and decking. Those materials are the last remaining remnants of the great Virgin Growth Forest. Virgin Growth Longleaf Pines supported the development of our country up to the time of the Civil War. Then, after the war, they were cut to near extinction rebuilding the South.

As America began to grow, so did the demand for Heart Pine. It was used extensively to build the great textile mills of the South and the industrial factories of the North. Heart Pine laid the cross ties for the railroad tracks and framed the railroad trestles as America reached West for California gold. No other wood in American history has had a more profound impact than the Heartwood of the Longleaf Pine.

 The Joinery Company is proud to be able to continue the great tradition of offering the reclaimed version Old Growth Longleaf Pine. There’s simply not a better floor you can buy. Every plank The Joinery Company produces is a genuine piece of American History.