American Birch - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

This cabinetry has “twig door” design. It requires a great deal of patience as well as skill. Usually, all of the stiles and rails of the cabinets are clear verticle grain wood whose color matches the “skin” of the twigs used.

Wormy Maple - Character Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

This unique, custom kitchen features a rare and beautiful combination of Walnut and Wormy Maple. These two species are perhaps an unexpected combination for some folks. But, they catch the eyes of most designers and artistic types very quickly. Notice how the beautiful Walnut floors pull the colors out of the Wormy Maple. Actually, using more than one specie in cabinetry or furniture has been very common throughout history.

Reclaimed Heart Pine - Select Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

This large country kitchen features reclaimed heart pine with raised panel doors and wide plank flooring. The grade of material used in these cabinets and in the floors is select plainsawn. Knots are beautiful…, especially as a background for the work of our outstanding craftspeople. 

Reclaimed Heart Pine - Clear Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchne - 2023

Reclaimed Heart Pine is one of our most popular species for interior millwork and cabinetry. This is a bit more refined kitchen, noted by the use of a clear grade of Heart Pine.

White Oak - Character Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

This kitchen shows the very tasteful use of mixed species to complement its interior design. The Hickory cabinetry with delicately applied moldings and the wide plank White Oak flooring with scatted small knots is very tasteful.

Eastern White Pine - Select Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

It only takes a minute to recognize the beauty in this New England kitchen! The beautifully aged Eastern White Pine is just so impressive! And, the face-nailed wide plank pine floors are a perfect compliment.

Hickory - Select Plainsawn - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

It’s not often that you find craftsmen brave enough to tackle a huge and difficult project like this one! I’m talking about the fact, of course, that this entire room as well as the floors are made of Hickory! Hickory is such a difficult wood to work. It is surely a challenge for anyone that tackles it on this scale.

American Birch - Handmade Kitchen - 2023

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