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Appalachian Walnut, often called “Black Walnut, is probably the most valuable hardwood in the United States. And, because of its popularity here in the US, Walnut has become recognized worldwide one of the very finest American hardwoods. It is a truly beautiful wood and has always been especially sought after for furniture, cabinetry, and gunstocks. The wood works very nicely and polishes extremely well. Also, Walnut ages to a uniquely beautiful golden brown color over time.

Walnut is easily worked with both hand and machine tools. It accepts nails, screws, and glue readily. Additionally, the lumber holds both wood and metal fasteners extremely well. Walnut is perfectly suited to most finishing methods. However, The Joinery Co. always recommends natural oil finishes for Walnut Parquet and Wide Plank Flooring.

One other tremendous quality that Walnut enjoys is its decay resistance. This fact is not well known and is seldom even mentioned for walnut. The crotches in walnut are also especially valued. They are highly prized for gunstocks and are truly beautiful.

Standard dimensions are: 3/4″ x [5″, 6.1″, 7″, 9″, 11″] x 6.0′, 7.2′ in nested bundles. Other widths and lengths are available by special request.

Walnut wide plank floors in the 10″ and wider range are difficult to find. Such material is usually reserved for cabinetry or fine furniture. However, The Joinery Co. maintains a large inventory in Walnut and can usually fill orders easily that are even 12″ to 18″ in width.

This unique, custom kitchen features a rare and beautiful combination of Walnut and Wormy Maple. These two species are perhaps an unexpected combination for some folks. But, they catch the eyes of most designers and artistic types very quickly. Notice how the beautiful Walnut floors pull the colors out of the Wormy Maple.


Two of the three images below show Walnut flooring with a hand-planed surface. Hand-planing has become very popular in Walnut floors, especially those using natural oil finishes.

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