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When the first colonists arrived in the New World, they found vast stands of huge Southern Yellow Pines, ready for the taking. These huge old growth trees ranged from 150 to 450 years old. Some of them where up to five feet in diameter and 180 feet tall. They were magnificent. And, the supply appeared to be endless.

Many of these pines were fully mature and therefore consisted predominantly of heartwood. It is because of this unique heartwood that the wood came to be known as “Heart Pine”. As the colonists took control of the land, Heart Pine quickly established itself as their “wood of choice”. And, they used it to build virtually everything they required, from fence posts to furniture.

In some cases, an entire house could be built from the heartwood of a single tree. And, because of the unique resins in Heart Pine, it offered tremendous longevity; insects could not eat it and it simply did not rot. It was strong enough for a railroad trestle, yet so beautiful that it inspired fine furniture makers. It was, indeed, the perfect wood.

Heart Pine flooring was the standard of the day, and the example by which all other flooring materials were judged. Beautiful wide, long Heart Pine planks were used for the floors in virtually every home. In the minds of the colonists, the strength, longevity and beauty of Heart Pine simply made it the only choice.

And, as America began to grow, so did the demand for Heart Pine.  It was used extensively in the great textile mills of the South and the industrial factories of the North. And, it laid the cross ties for the railroad tracks and framed the railroad trestles as America reached West for California gold.

No other wood in American history has had a more profound impact than the heartwood of the Southern Yellow Pine. And, we at The Joinery are indeed pleased to be able to continue the great tradition of offering wide plank floors in this unique and historic wood. There’s simply not a better floor you can buy.


Versailles - Resawn Stock

Versailles - Original Face Stock


Standard dimensions are: 3/4″ x [5″, 6.1″, 7″, 9″, 11″] x 6.0′, 7.2′ in nested bundles. Other widths and lengths are available by special request.

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Clear Plainsawn

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