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Appalachian Cherry is prized for its durability, attractive grain and warm glow. It is used for interior millwork, cabinetry, furniture, and Wide Plank Flooring. Appalachian Cherry is also popular for making small decorative items and tool handles. But, the greatest use of Cherry, by far, was for furniture such as chests, occasional tables and beds.

Cherry is well known and sought after throughout the entire Appalachian range. However, the special conditions that exist in Pennsylvania and Virginia place them at the top of the list for production of this unique wood. Some of the best cherry lumber comes from the Appalachian Black Cherry tree. The lumber from these trees have the reddish quality the wood is known for and will take a very high polish.

Cherry flooring is celebrated for its warm hues and one-of-a-kind grain patterns. It is also renowned for its hardiness, toughness, and imperviousness to wear and tear. The singular, natural outlook of cherry flooring renders it a preferred choice across a broad range of interior designs. 

Recently, Cherry has become very popular for staircases, general millwork, and cabinetry. But, its greatest appeal by far is as wide plank flooring. Engineered floors as wide as 9″ or 10”, or even wider, are now common for this beautiful wood.

Clear Plainsawn, Wide Plank Flooring

A select Plainsawn Grade of Black Cherry can produce a beautiful floor. Allowing a few knots here and there doesn’t lessen Cherry’s desireability as a floor one bit. Actually, many people love a few knots in any type of floor.

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