The Joinery Co.

OUR PATENTED process of AGing

We have  a unique aging process unlike any other company. This process darkens the color of the wood slightly and creates an older-looking patina. The color of the Patina is medium brown and similar to floors that have been installed for 100 years or more.  Importantly, the patina created is “through color”. “Through color” describes color that is the same all the way through the engineered face. Thus, re-sanding a floor that has been aged will achieve the same matching original color if the surface finish is the same. Our aging process was created to meet the increasing demand for Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring and other species. Today, our patented process has produced flooring that is so close to a perfect match that only experts can tell the difference. This product is patented and not available at any other flooring company. The Joinery Co. is the only company in the world using this special process.


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