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In general, we recommend the traditional nail down installation method. However, our engineered wide plank floors can be nailed down, glued down or floated. For our engineered floors between 6’’ and 10’’ wide, we recommend the floating method. It`s simple, easy and works well over radiant heat.

For all of our floors, both engineered and solid, we recommend laying out the boards on the floor prior to installation in order to determine the best placement and look. This allows your installer to color and grain-match each individual board and gives the finished installation a much better look and feel. Some shorter boards should be included in each floor. Using these boards to begin or end a row achieves the Classic Random Length Pattern that greatly enhances the beauty of the finished installation. Using our method of laying materials out in advance will result in a higher level of beauty that you just can`t get any other way. When computing the square footage, we recommend that you add an additional 15% to cover cutting and fitting loss.

Shown below are our simple step by step instructions for proper installation of our engineered floors by the recommended floating method.

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