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Beech flooring is a superb variation of hardwood flooring distinguished by its robustness and resistance to wear and tear. It is a coveted preference for those seeking an abiding and voguish flooring option.

As with most of our floors, Beech floors are available as either solids or engineered. Both classifications can be customized to enhance the amazing grain patterns and hues of beech wood. We also have a special aging process for Beech that makes it appear to have been installed for 75 to 100 years.

One of the strongest benefits of beech flooring is its tenacity. It can withstand heavy foot traffic with amazing results. And, it is a true champion of resistance in the scuffs and dings category. Furthermore, Beech’s distinct exterior adds a natural and cozy ambiance to any space. As with all of our floors, consistent upkeep, including sweeping and cleaning, is vital to maintaining optimal appearance.

Beech flooring is an exceptional and enduring selection for any living space. It is beautiful and affordable! Its long-term value as an investment for homeowners is substantial. And, as a natural, beautiful, and chic preference, beech flooring is a perfect match. Consider our Beech Floors for your next project. It will surely elevate the overall appearance and atmosphere that you have planned.

Beech (clear grade separated for color)

Beech (mixed color)

Beech is well known for its strength, durability, and beauty. It has a smooth texture and is considered one of the best of all hardwoods for making flooring and furniture. Beech is very hard and responds well to bending. It is predominantly heartwood and free of knots.

These characteristics have made Beech popular all over the world. Today, more and more furniture and flooring are being made of it. Beech is quite common across Europe. There are many types of beech, but European beech is one of the best to work with. And, this is the only type of beech The Joinery Co. sells. Further, the European Beech is the specie typically chosen by most manufacturers.

One reason that Beech has gained popularity is because it is not heavy compared to other hardwoods even though it has a substantially greater measure of firmness and durability. Characteristics like hardness and durability have made the beech very popular in the production of interior furniture such as chairs, tables and shelves. Beech is also recommended for tools that may have delicate accessories in order to increase their durability.

Unlike many other woods, beech does not have a smell or a taste. Therefore, it cannot influence the taste of food after it is cooked. For example, more and more restaurants choose to use beech for serving and cutting boards, because using Beech ensures that the taste of each ingredient will remain intact.

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