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Reclaimed Barnwood is one of the most abundant sources of reclaimed wood. It is a unique product aged for decades by wind, sun, and rain. It ranges in age from 200 to 600 years. The aging process has given Barnwood a range of colors, from different shades of gray and brown to faded red. Shades of gray and brown are mixed. And, the shades of red vary from barn to barn due to the different brands of paint used. Barnwood will have occasional knots, nail holes, slight cracks, and stains. All damaged areas greater than 2 mm are either cut out or filled with dark epoxy.

When Barnwood is skip-planed or sanded, its surface appearance changes. As the amount of surface material is reduced, the aged patina reveals itself. Then, when an appropriate finish is applied, the gorgeous aged patina comes alive. This process results in a unique appearance that will make any design stand out.


Regardless of your design, each barnwood plank will have its own unique history and story to tell. Barnwood has stood the test of time. The aging process has given it a unique character. Its natural knots, nail holes, and other imperfections tell the complete story of its previous use and add to its tremendous charm. Its beautiful patina, unique coloring, and slight imperfections all contribute to a product that is truly stunning.

The Joinery Co. reclaims Barnwood and processes it differently than most other companies. The term “Barnwood” can be very misleading. “Barnwood”, as it is known in the Reclaimed Wood Industry, is “the wood coming from reclaimed barns”. Generally, to most people, that means every specie being recovered! Further, there are usually 4 to 12 different species, or more, in every barn. Now, in many areas, especially in New England, white pine is abundant. And, thus, a predominance of barnwood is Pine. In that case, Barnwood works out well. However, this is not the case in many other areas producing “barnwood”.

In fact, in most cases, it has been found that the vast majority of razed barns contain at least 4 different species. The most common species are White Pine, Hemlock, Spruce, and Oak. Of course, these species all have very different characteristics and appearances! And, it is usually a big disappointment to customers when they discover so many poorly matching planks in their installation. But, that can`t happen at The Joinery Co.! We separate every batch of our reclaimed barnwood by specie. Then, we further separate our each specie into their highest and most desirable grades. 

We offer Barnwood in both solid and engineered categories. It is offered as 1.) skip-planed, 2.) sanded for color, 3.) thickness planed with original sawn surface, and 4.) thickness planed with original footworn unpainted surface… in both solids and engineered formats. We are the only US company offering Reclaimed Barnwood in these categories.t


Standard dimensions are: 3/4″ x [5″, 6.1″, 7″, 9″, 11″] x 6.0′, 7.2′ in nested bundles. Other widths and lengths are available by special request.

Reclaimed Spruce

Reclaimed Hemlock

Reclaimed Heart Pine

Reclaimed Douglas

Reclaimed Beech

Reclaimed Hickory

Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed White Pine


Standard dimensions are: 3/4″ x [5″, 6.1″, 7″, 9″, 11″] x 6.0′, 7.2′ in nested bundles. Other widths and lengths are available by special request.

Reclaimed Brown Barnwood

Reclaimed Gray Barnwood

Reclaimed Red Barnwood


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