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Spruce trees are among the most widespread conifers in Central and Northern Europe. The woods of spruce and fir are difficult to distinguish by their grain. The wood of the spruce is slightly darker than that of the fir. The spruce itself is also called “Norway spruce”. And, it is also sometimes referred to as “spruce-fir”. The main difference between the two woods is that spruce is a resinous wood, and fir is not. The spruce wood, which tends to be reddish-white, turns yellowish-brown over time due to the influence of air and light.

Antiques often have interiors and backs made of Spruce. Spruce can be found in antiques of all epochs. The wood was inexpensive, easy to obtain and easy to work. Spruce was often used as solid wood for simple and rural furniture. However, for back panels, shelves, sides and back of drawers for even the finest furniture, Spruce was almost always the cabinetmaker`s first choice. Spruce was also in demand as the secondary wood in framed furniture.

Distressed Plainsawn

The setting was not limited to ornamental or figurative painting, but in many cases a setting imitating precious wood was applied to this less expensive softwood. This means that a painting was applied to the wood which, for example, represented walnut, mahogany, etc. in color and structure. Even today, spruce is very popular and suitable wood for all kinds of interior woodwork and furniture. The wood is very light weight. And, it dries well and quickly. It`s easy to work with, and is good for slicing, peeling, carving and turning.

Red Spruce is often referred to as “Adirondack spruce” in the music business. It is highly prized for its light weight, stiffness, and excellent tonal qualities. It has been traditionally used for the soundboards (tops) of guitars, mandolins, violins, and other stringed instruments. Spruce is loved and respected greatly by musicians for its tonal qualities. Reclaimed Spruce offers even greater tonal quality because the woods aging improves resonance quality.

Standard dimensions are: 3/4″ x [5″, 6.1″, 7″, 9″, 11″] x 6.0′, 7.2′ in nested bundles. Other widths and lengths are available by special request.

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