The Joinery Co.

Heart Plank

Heart Plank is a new division of The Joinery Company which specializes in making wide plank flooring in Siberian Larch and Reclaimed Barnwood. It also offers custom handmade furniture. Heart Plank’s main focus in wide plank flooring is Perfection Quartersawn, Siberian Larch, but we also offer Siberian Larch in Clear Plainsawn,  Select Plainsawn and Character Plainsawn Grades. Reclaimed Barnwood is mainly sold in either Select Plainsawn or Character Plainsawn Grades. But, it is sometimes available in sizes sufficient to create other grades and products. Our Heart Plank is a 3 layer engineered floor with perfectly balanced construction. Its face and back layers are the same specie and the same thickness. Its core, usually either Spruce or Larch, is glued perpendicularly to the face and back. Floors come standard in 3/4’’ thickness with either a 4mm or 5mm sawn wear layer. Widths range from 6″ to 20″ and lengths range from about 6′ to 30′. Surface treatments include sanded, brushed, or hand-planed textures. Natural oil is our standard finish, but other finishes are available. You can nail, glue or float any of our floors over radiant heat, concrete or wooden subfloors. With widths up to 20″ and lengths to 30′. Currently, our Heart Plank Floors are the widest and longest in the industry. In addition to our unique flooring products, we also offer fine handmade furniture, made to order from your choice of woods. Currently, our Heart Plank Floors are the widest and longest in the industry. All of Heart Plank’s standard products are in stock right now and ready for immediate delivery.
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