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Northern Hard Maple`s popularity as being a fine wood is often overshadowed by the popularity of its sap, from which maple syrup is made. This unique wood has long been used in America for a variety of purposes. Early Native Americans used it to make the shafts of their spears, and colonial settlers found the ash of Northern Hard Maple to be especially useful in making soap.

It was also a special favorite of the colonial settlers for making furniture. Prior to the twentieth century, women’s shoe heels were made almost exclusively of it. Other popular uses for Northern Hard Maple include butcher blocks, handrails, doors, table tops, and cabinetry.

In addition to Wide Plank Flooring, Northern Hard Maple is also commonly used today for making cutting boards because of the considerable density of the wood and the fact that it leaves no residual taste. Northern Hard Maple also makes several types of gorgeous floors! We offer this beautiful specie as Natural, Curly, Birdseye, and Wormy. All of these are just beautiful.

Hard Maple floors are one of the most beautiful and sought-after by contemporary designers. The light color and clarity of Hard Maple make it a favorite contemporary choice. Pictured above is a favorite combination of woods…Eastern White Pine millwork with Hard Maple parquet flooring.


Maple comes in many different types. Each is unique in its own way. And, all are special and beautiful when used in the right way with the right combination of other materials.

Hard Maple

Curly Maple

Birdseye Maple

Wormy Maple

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